Our Services

Our Services

What We Do


Architectural exterior and interior design of houses or business – commercial  properties.

We take care of complete building permits for new buildings and other type permits for small construction improvements.

Also we can make 2d architectural drawings of your property that contain :

  • Re – Arrangement of your interior design
  • New Interior – Exterior Design
  • Bio – climatic designs

Construction & Renovation

We take care on any architectural construction , either home construction or business and commercial

Our team can renovate or build your private or business property with the best solution and idea. We can manage the design and the complete construction renovation and building process .

Renovation solutions for (bnb – booking rentals) houses – commercial and business properties that want a new fresh renovation touch.

Packages with renovation design plans and construction offers.



Categories of decoration services :

  • Interior and exterior decoration for private and commercial – business properties.
  • Architectural design and decoration set-up for events , conferences and weddings
  • Custom furniture design and construction.



3D Visualization Utilities

We bring in life your featured project of house or commercial – business property. Packages for engineers and customers that want 3d renderings of their property or working project.

Types of Visualization

  1. White model effect (no materials)
  2. Full HD Renders
  3. Full HD Renders + Photoshop and 3d Video